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Same Day Divorce..... (tm)

To qualify to use a Same Day Marriage, there can be no children  or assets of the marriage.  There can be no alimony.  Both parties must be willing to file their documents with the court together.  After the court sets the matter for a final hearing, both parties must attend this hearing.   

In order to file a "Same Day Divorce" both parties must schedule an appointment on the same day at any one of our convenient offices.  A document specialist will prepare all of the documents necessary for the divorce, including notary service.  This is done while you wait.  You can proceed directly to the court house to file the documents on the same day.  The court will set the hearing and both parties must attend this hearing.  The Divorce & Bankruptcy is a document company and cannot provide you with legal advice.

Key Benefits

bulletLow Cost
bulletMinimum Documentation
bulletEasy to File

Pricing:  For On Line Document Service Only

Description   Price
Simple Div. Document Cost          $99.00
Court Fees Dade County 409.00
Court Fees Broward County 409.00
Court Fees Palm Beach County 409.00


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