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Divorce without children

The Divorce & Bankruptcy Center  will prepare  the necessary Florida Supreme Court approved forms for  an uncontested Dissolution of Marriage without children, with or without property, based on your personal information.  Complete documents include a marital settlement agreement.   If your not in complete agreement on how to divide the property, see our section on Family Mediation.  Schedule your appointment at any of our 4 offices.  You will meet with a Family Mediator to discuss your divorce situation.

The Divorce & Bankruptcy Center is not a law firm and cannot provide your with legal advice.

Key Benefits

bulletSelf representation eliminates the need for costly attorney fees.
bulletProfessionally prepared Florida Supreme Court approved Forms, prepared based on your information.
bulletProfessional courier service eliminates the need to file documents yourself.
bulletThe Divorce & Bankruptcy Center will set the matter for the final hearing.
bulletEverything is done for up at the final hearing and receive your divorce.
bulletPricing:  For On Line Document Service Only

Pricing:  Complete Document Service in our Office.

Description   Price
Divorce w/ Property   $665.00
Divorce w/o Property   549.00
Office costs and courier service   35.00
Court costs Broward County   409.00
Court costs Palm Beach County   409.00
Court costs Dade County   409.00



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