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Key Benefits

bulletSelf representation  eliminates costly attorney fees.
bulletProfessionally  prepared documents based on your specific information.
bulletAssistance in organizing your supporting documentation.


The Divorce & Bankruptcy Center maintains a complete computer program of all Immigration & Naturalization Service forms.    This program assures that information that is duplicated from form to form is identical.  This eliminates the possibility of errors.  We can assist you in the preparation  documents from the basic petition for a family relative to an application to bring a fiancée from a foreign land.  After your relative receives their "Green Card" we can help you prepare the documents to remove temporary conditions.  And after the necessary length of time, we can assist you in the preparation of an application to become a United States Citizen.    The Divorce and Bankruptcy Center is not a Law Firm.  It cannot provide you with legal advice regarding immigration.  Immigration Documents are not Florida Supreme Court approved forms.  Therefore we will provide you with a work book in which you will provide us with the information necessary for the "Fill in the Blank forms".  This information will be typed directly into the documents provided by the Department of Home Land Security.

Capability 1
                 Visa Extensions. (Stay longer in the US)
Capability 2
                 Replacements for lost or stolen Green Cards.
Capability 3
                 Petition for an Alien Relative.
Capability 4
                 Application for US Citizenship.
Capability 5
                 Green Card Lottery Requirements    REQUIREMENTS
                 Apply for your Green Card Lottery    APPLICATION


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