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What the Florida Supreme Court Feels About Mediation.

Reprinted from THE CAUCUS

Florida Academy of Professional Mediators, Inc.

Vol. 12 No. 1 August 2000

In Family Mediation the illustrative case is Card v. Card, 706 So.2d 409, (Fla. 1St DCA 1998), where the appellate court highlighted the empowering feature of mediation for the parties.

When divorcing parents cede to the judicial branch of government the duty to decide the most intimate family issues, it is not unlikely that one or both parents will be less than satisfied with the decision. The bench and bar have for years now encouraged divorcing parents to resolve their differences through mediation. In effect, parents have been urged to make their own law, in the hope that they can better live with a decision that is their own, rather than a decision that is externally imposed. (Emphasis added.)


Books About Mediation

One of the best books about family mediation  was   recently published by Meredith J. Cohen.  Meredith is a Florida Bar Board Certified Family Law Attorney, and  Certified Family Law Mediator.    In 1997, Meredith Cohen convinced that mediation was a better way to resolve divorce disputes, closed his litigation practice to devote all his professional time to mediation.

To directly quote Meredith Cohen, "Husbands and wives who fight out their divorces in court pay thousands of dollars in attorney fees they could save by going to a mediator before seeing attorneys. " His book gives the inside story on outrageously high divorce attorney fees and explains divorce law and tells how mediation really works.

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