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Key Benefits

bulletKeep your costs down by using a Family Mediator to resolve your differences.
bulletMediation is much faster than taking a divorce case to trial.
bulletAn agreement of the parties is much better than one imposed by a court.


The Divorce & Bankruptcy Center is a pioneer in the use of mediation and document preparation to reduce the high cost of divorce.  Mediation is the art of using a fair and impartial third party to resolve differences.  Mediation can be used by individuals who are not represented by attorneys.  It can also be used by represented parties to assist in the resolution of issues.  After a successful mediation  a  Settlement Agreement is prepared.  Unrepresented parties who have a Marital Settlement Agreement in place, can now use a document service  or an attorney to prepare the necessary forms to complete the divorce. Mediators do not provide legal advice.
                            Qualifications of our lead Family Mediator.

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