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 Allan J. Weltman

 Family Mediator, Florida Supreme Court Certified County Mediator,  Florida Supreme Court Qualified Arbitrator




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Not all mediators are attorneys. Pre-suit mediation does not require that your mediator be an attorney. Though many divorce attorneys are now engaged in this field, trained mediators come from mental health, accounting and other professional backgrounds. They receive special training in skills necessary to help parties avoid contested divorces. Of course, courtroom battles remain the exclusive domain of the divorce lawyer, and if you cannot reach agreement with a mediator, the divorce lawyer is there to help you

    What makes a good mediator? The special training in addition to your required background education is a good start. After training, having someone watch you, and you watching someone else do mediation (which is the current requirement for court certification)  is a good starting point. What makes a good mediator is experience. Not only as a mediator, but in the special skills that you have that relate to Family Mediation.

My starting point in a Family  Mediation is "What do you own, and what do you owe" If I don’t have a Financial Affidavit to work with for the parties, I build one during mediation. The parties need to know what they own, who they owe, and an idea of how a judge might divide up the property and debts if they cannot reach an agreement. My formal training as an accountant certainly gives me an edge in working with parties resolving financial problems.  

Next to financial matters, the biggest problem area in Family  Mediation is child related issues. Support, custody and visitation.  Years ago, I decided to donate some of my time, and became a Guardian Ad-Litem. First in the Dependency Court, then the Family Court. What I learned during the next two years has become one of my most valuable tools in Family  Mediation. Working with the judges, attorney’s, parents and most of all the children, has given me a wealth of experience that could not be duplicated anywhere.

Of course my age is also a great advantage. Forty some years as a parent of 3 children, 2 step children and 2 grandchildren, also give you a wealth of experiences to draw from. Family Mediation is hard work. You have to be dedicated to helping people resolve their differences during an extremely emotion time of their life.  Family Mediation allows me to use my educational talents, and life experiences to help others, resolve their problems.

Mr.  Allan J. Weltman is a board member of Association of South Florida Mediators.  An Officer and Director of this organization.   A member of Florida Academy of Professional Mediators, and The Association for Conflict Resolution.  Mr. Weltman also served as a County Court Mediator in Florida's Fifteenth Judicial Circuit.



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